Our pool after one week  –   as of this morning 21.6.2013 – this is how it looked  –  our neighbour has been on the rampage all week.





This is the website we never wanted to put up…but have been forced to because of the evil actions of our next door neighbours over the last 7 years.

We live in Huerta Nueva, Los Gallardos in Almeria, Spain in what should be a very pleasant housing development in beautiful Andalucia.

However, our lives have been made a living nightmare as a result of the constant intimidation and violence by the couple next door – our Neighbours From Hell.

The local police and Huerta Nueva development company have done nothing to help us or our other neighbours.

How can this be allowed to continue?

We have tried over and over again to get someone to stop this now for 7 years!

We have no choice but to make our story public on this website and tell everyone what is going on at Huerta Nueva, Los Gallardos.

We hope it will help to bring awareness to our situation and will help everybody with ‘Neighbours From Hell’.

Here is a short list of some of the things they have done to us – more to come later.

  • Threatened to kill my wife (documented by the Spanish Guardia) – witnessed by a neighbour


  • Killed our family cat


  • Written swear words and threats on our vehicles


  • Disarmed our security cameras and telephone dish from our walls


  • Thrown dog faeces wrapped in plaster or slices of bread into our swimming pool every day for the last two years. We have had to close the pool down.


  • Intimidated all 6 of our surrounding neighbours- all except 2 remain, the others have since returned to the UK


We’ve put some of our own photos below to show some of what we’ve had to put up with. We apologise if they are too graphic so please don’t look at them if you are easily offended.

The constant intimidation is not good for our health, we cannot use our back garden and this will stop us from selling our property in the future (who would want to live next door to this?)

We have lots more information we can make public (recordings, videos on YouTube, other –more explicit photographs etc) and will over the next few weeks.

Thank you for looking at the site, we appreciate your support and please feel free to comment on the site.

Damage to our pergola when an iron bar was shoved through it. It missed us by inches.

Our family cat dead by the pool.

Abuse written on the side of vehicles.

Dog faeces wrapped in bread(?) thrown into the pool

Our pool full of dog faeces in plaster. We can no longer use the pool.

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